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We Replace Lost Keys, Remake Broken Keys and Program Transponder Keys For Ford, Lincoln And Mercury Cars and Trucks. Our Ford Locksmith Services Is Not Limited To Replacement Keys, We Also Can Repair or Replace Damaged or Malfunctiong Ignition Locks, Have Ford Key Fobs or Remotes In Stock, and Provide Any Other Ford Locksmith Service You May Need. Free Acurate Price Quotes, No Hidden Charges
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   Lock Specialties Is A Trusted Las Vegas Locksmith Company Specializing In Car Keys And Automotive Locksmith Work. We Are The Only Licensed Locksmith In Las Vegas That Specializes In Car Keys, Meaning We Do Not Try To Offer Rekey Services For Homes or Business or Most Other Non Car Key Related Services, Even Though We Are More Than Qualified To Do So. Our Main Focus Is Car Keys, Fob Keys and Remotes For Your Car. Our Goal Is To Provide You With Professional, Fair Priced, Car Locksmith Services.
   Modern Car Keys Can Be Expensive, We Do Our Best To Provide These Keys At A Lower Price Than Car Dealers Offer and in Most Cases Can Get The Job Done Much Faster Than Waiting Around The Service Dept. Of The Dealership. We Also Offer Mobile Service To Your Location So There Is No Need For Towing Services In Lost Key Situations or Simply A More Convienent Option To Have Your Car Keys Made And Programmed.
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Lost Car Key No Spare Key?
We Can Replace Your Lost Key Even When You Have No Spare Key To Work From. Lost Keys Can Be Replaced For All Ford, Lincoln and Mercury  Models, Including Remote Head Keys and Smart Keys. Lost Car Key Replacement Can Be Done On Site At Your Location

Talk To An Experienced Locksmith. We can Give An Accurate Quote For Most Ford Locksmith Service Needs. Don't Pay A Service Call To Get A Quote For Your Lock or Key Work.Beware of The $15.00 or $19.00 Service Call Ads, There Will Be Additional Charges.
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Experience Counts
We Have Many Years Experience Making Car Keys And Programming Transponder Keys, And Only Use The Best Programming Equipment Made By Advanced Diagnostics, Ross Tech And Other Top Of The Line Manufacturers, To Ensure Safe Key Programming.
Lost A Ford Key? Need A Spare Key? We Can Help
If you are looking for a replacement Ford Key you have come to the right place. Las Vegas Car Keys specializes in replacement car keys and key programming services and can provide Ford Key Replacement  services even if you no longer have a working key for your car. If you still have a working key but need a spare key we have a shop location where you can come to us for your replacement key.
Mobile Ford key replacement service at your location means no need for towing and faster turn around time to get your replacement key and get back on the road again. We can make and program your new key on the spot and if requested can also make a spare key or duplicate while we are there.

Ford Remote Head Keys and Smart Keys

Ford remote head keys are user friendly and nice and convenient to use, but over time the plastic cases can crack and/or break, the smart keys seem to be much more durable as we see much fewer problems with the Ford Smart Key versions.
Broken or cracked key cases can and eventually will cause some or all functions of the key to stop working or at minimum make the key hard to use. If you have a broken key or key case there may not be a replacement key case available to repair your key like there are for other manufacturers, we generally will cut and program a new key in this situation and we stock replacement Ford Keys, Remotes, Ford Key Fobs and Smart Keys, we also stock Lincoln Key Fobs and Mercury Remote Head Keys as well.